Whole Foods vs Everywhere else

I don’t live in a nice enough part of town to shop at Whole Foods, so I have slum it and make do with what I have available. I typically only shop at three stores. Aldi, Walmart, and some sort of big box warehouse store. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Whole Foods, but don’t feel it warrants the price for the food. The human bodies digestion system it pretty amazing and I don’t think it matters how much the food costs. Organic doesn’t mean that much to me and if it only takes a few extra years away from my life, I’m OK with that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get Whole Foods delivered to my door inside of a brown UPS box via Amazon Prime soon!


Buy one get one free…

Do you think BOGOs are a good deal? Hows come when you see the same item at Walmart it's the same price as one of the buy one get ones? That's because BOGO is a scam. Paying full retail price vs what the price should be. It's not near as worse as by 3 get 2 free. If you divide it out it's about the same price as a single item at Walmart or Aldi.

How to shop at Aldi


Don’t pull from the short stack

Since we’ve been shopping at Aldi we’ve saved a bunch of money. Here are a few thing to take note of while shopping at Aldi.

Bring a Quarter

Even out the cart corral, don’t pull from the short stack. You should always keep a quarter in your car, or bolt cutters. Sometimes Aldi will have two sets of carts, but one corral is empty. I feel bad for person who has to sacrifice their quarter to start the link chain. If someone gives you a cart, pay it forward to someone else.

The Entry

Don’t linger near the front door in amazement of all the food stuffs. Some Aldi’s place all the junk food near the front.  I wish they would move the junk to another isle because the entry is clogged with people deciding on how to ruin their innards. At least they don’t use corn syrup or synthetic colors now (some items).

Brand loyalty

This is not a place to shop if you are brand loyal. Almost all their foods are copycat and they taste just as good. Everything except the “Ranch” tortilla chips, you just can’t beat Cool Ranch Doritos, I think it’s because Frito Lay still uses red dye 40.

The Meats

The pork loin and ribeye steaks are tasty and a very good deal. They also have some very good unprocessed lunch meats for sandwiches. BTW, isn’t a pig unprocessed lunch meat? Too bad they don’t have wild pigs roaming the store.

The Produce

This is the only think I don’t like about Aldi, everything seems like it’s on verge of rotting. You have to eat it quick or it will spoil. I’ve heard they are fixing that though. We will see.


Be prepared to bag your own groceries. Bring a trash bag to put your groceries in. When you unload them at the house, put the trash bag in the receptacle. After you have used the groceries, put the trash back in the bag you bough them in. The circle is now complete.

Be helpful

Offer to take shoppers carts back for them. You can determine someone’s greed by how upset they get on losing a quarter.

Hope this helps…