Drinking and Smoking at Walt Disney World

I don’t know if you ever could, but I know you can’t drink alcohol at the Magic Kingdom. You can still booze it up at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios for those of you who can’t have a good time without alcohol. You can still smoke cigarettes of electronic and leaf variety in designated areas, but for how long?

There is a shortcut to storybook circus beside space mountain. The path is lined with outcast smokers who are escaping frantic park goers by calming themselves with a blast of hotboxed nicotine. Just be mindful if you take your kids down this cancer path. They will get about a months worth of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke and may lead to them becoming smokers.


Disney, step up your soap game

Made a hidden Mickey with camera angles (noticed after the fact)

Nothing is more frustrating than pushing a button for soap snot. I’m surprised that Disney World hasn’t adopted the foam dispensers. I love the foam because it cleans well and doesn’t make you rinse your hands for 20 minutes. I’m sure the initial cost would be huge, but the long term savings would be tremendous. That way Disney can lower their ticket prices and offer free parking.

How to get free coffee at Swan and Dolphin

I recently stayed at the Swan and Dolphin resort inside Walt Disney World during a company retreat. It’s a really nice hotel and something I wouldn’t choose to stay at normally. The cafes and restaurants are out of this world expensive so I can see why someone would want to float the bill to someone else. I had a large purchase on my room and it turned out to be $28 worth of food at the Java bar. I at first thought it was an in room charge for using the Starbucks coffee pods.

When I checked in, their credit card machine was down. So they used one of those carbon copy machines to do an imprint. I’m shocked those things still exist. I assumed someone found my card and went caffeine crazy. To my dismay, all someone had to do is write down a room number to charge it. You should have to at least verify the name or show some I.D. This hotel went retro with the credit and mistakes were made. The good thing is they gave me my money back, but the guy in accounting didn’t act like he believed me. I said I have a digital trail that shows I was in Hollywood Studios during the time off purchase. But the tone from him was “Yeah, sure”. Oh well, at least someone got free coffee overpriced coffee.

Fast pass line for fast passes

IMG_1059Sometimes you need a fastpass for the fastpass kiosk so you can get more fastpasses. That is probably the number one phrase I hear at Disney, “I’m so glad we got a fastpass”. Really? who doesn’t want a fastpass? Why would anyone say, “I’m so glad I get to wait in this 90 minute line for a 1 minute and 30 second ride. Of course you can use the app or book ahead of time. However, it’s not beneficial unless you are staying at WDW resort and can get the FP+ for the Mine Train at 8pm because you still don’t have the inside track. I recently visited the Magic Kindom and I felt like I needed to get a fastpass for the trashcans, water fountains, toilet, and even to exit the park.

Fastpass helps and it’s far from perfect, but what you really need for maximum Disney enjoyment is to become super rich and take one of those guided tours where they shuffle you in and out of rides and give you all access to the underbelly of Disney. It might be easier to fake a horrible disease, but I’m sure Disney will vet you thoroughly and you can get your super cool fastpass straight to hell.