Curse words in movies

I wish Blu-ray and DVD movies had a feature you can turn on that would replace curse words with the broadcast television curse words. It’s way more appropriate for kids and entertaining for adults. I’ve always thought that if it’s truly funny it doesn’t need a curse word. If you use a curse word you eliminate your joke from a younger audience.

My all time favorites are from Robocop. That’s a whole different movie on television with all the edits.


Abused Christmas Songs

Which song do you get tired of first? Is it Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland, Rudy the Red Nosed Reindeer? Technically, these aren’t really Christmas songs. They are more of winter songs which don’t have any tethering to Christ. Watch any Christmas movie and you will probably hear 700 different versions of Jingle Bells and by the end of the week after Thanksgiving you are ready to quit Christmas music.

I prefer the Christmas “hymns”, songs about the savior which is the whole reason for the season. There’s very few new songs and they contain terrible theology or Americanized to the point they shouldn’t even be canonized into Christmas.

Life in the fast lane

Just like the checkout line at Walmart, It doesn’t matter what lane you pick it will be the slowest. Just be patient and don’t deviate from your lane. If you know you need to exit the freeway in a few miles get over to that lane. Nah forget that, ride the fastest lane all the way and squeeze in at the end.

Advent Calendar Arrival Times

If you take baby Jesus out of the day 24 box, what do you do about the wise men? They don’t show up until Jesus was a toddler. Do you just keep the calendar out all year? I try to set my Advent Calendar up as follows.

  1. Stars first since they were created long before people
  2. Shepards and Animals since they own the joint
  3. Innkeeper, even though there were no Hilton Garden Inn’s back then.
  4. Joseph, since he was supposed to find a place
  5. Mary, since she has the baby
  6. Jesus, since he is the whole purpose of the Advent
  7. Wise men, since it took several months or maybe years to get there.

Social Media Vacation Responders

Whenever you take a vacation and then decide to share photos or videos via social media you will have one of your pals say one of these gems…

I wish I could afford a vacation.

Well, maybe if you weren’t so terrible with your budget you could. This is the worst kind of comment because they are trying to add a guilt trip leg to your itinerary. I get it, some can’t afford vacations, but you shouldn’t try to make others feel bad for enjoying themselves.

Put me in your suitcase

That’s impossible and illegal. Plus you might die of suffocation in the overhead compartment.

Drink an alcoholic beverage for me

That’s also impossible, it’s like asking someone to go urinate for you. We aren’t that close and I’m not going to apply a catheter for you.

I wasn’t invited

No you weren’t because this is my vacation. If you wanted to go with us then we should have planned ahead and you could have purchased your very own ticket. That is if you’ve budgeted properly.

You should have done “X”

There is always someone who’s taken the same trip as you and attempts to induce feelings of “you’ve missed something crucial that would have made your vacation 1000 times better”.





Do you let your 8 year old smoke?

8yearoldSmokerJust thought it was odd when I was renewing my policy during open enrollment for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Can’t believe it’s an option, but I’m sure if you clicked next on the signup wizard you would be denied coverage and reported to DSS. At least, that’s what should happen.

An a side note, I got a letter from South Carolina Blues saying that there are cheaper options than I currently have. There was also a slam about our “current administration” in there too. But the shocking thing is I compared the two plans and one of them was $300 cheaper for the EXACT same coverage. Let that be a warning to you. Go check out your open enrollment options, don’t let your same policy roll over. You could be paying more than you should.

DC vs Marvel

Why do we have to divide over things like this? I saw Justice League and I loved it! I saw Thor Ragnarok and I loved it! First let me explain that my expectations for movies are incredibly low so anything that I pay $15 for, I will automatically overlook the flaws. I go to be entertained, that is the point!

There are people out there who love to hate on either side. I’m just glad to have these movies in my generation. How can you not be excited to see these characters on the big screen. Some may complain that I titled this “DC vs Marvel”, well why not “Marvel vs DC”, I went alphabetically.