Social Media Vacation Responders

Whenever you take a vacation and then decide to share photos or videos via social media you will have one of your pals say one of these gems…

I wish I could afford a vacation.

Well, maybe if you weren’t so terrible with your budget you could. This is the worst kind of comment because they are trying to add a guilt trip leg to your itinerary. I get it, some can’t afford vacations, but you shouldn’t try to make others feel bad for enjoying themselves.

Put me in your suitcase

That’s impossible and illegal. Plus you might die of suffocation in the overhead compartment.

Drink an alcoholic beverage for me

That’s also impossible, it’s like asking someone to go urinate for you. We aren’t that close and I’m not going to apply a catheter for you.

I wasn’t invited

No you weren’t because this is my vacation. If you wanted to go with us then we should have planned ahead and you could have purchased your very own ticket. That is if you’ve budgeted properly.

You should have done “X”

There is always someone who’s taken the same trip as you and attempts to induce feelings of “you’ve missed something crucial that would have made your vacation 1000 times better”.






Drinking and Smoking at Walt Disney World

I don’t know if you ever could, but I know you can’t drink alcohol at the Magic Kingdom. You can still booze it up at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios for those of you who can’t have a good time without alcohol. You can still smoke cigarettes of electronic and leaf variety in designated areas, but for how long?

There is a shortcut to storybook circus beside space mountain. The path is lined with outcast smokers who are escaping frantic park goers by calming themselves with a blast of hotboxed nicotine. Just be mindful if you take your kids down this cancer path. They will get about a months worth of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke and may lead to them becoming smokers.

Disney, step up your soap game

Made a hidden Mickey with camera angles (noticed after the fact)

Nothing is more frustrating than pushing a button for soap snot. I’m surprised that Disney World hasn’t adopted the foam dispensers. I love the foam because it cleans well and doesn’t make you rinse your hands for 20 minutes. I’m sure the initial cost would be huge, but the long term savings would be tremendous. That way Disney can lower their ticket prices and offer free parking.

Race in the parking lot

I’ve noticed that there is a sense of anxiety in theme park parking lots. Everyone is in such a hurry to get one extra car ahead. So much so as to almost cause fatal car accidents. Stop and yield sign lose their meaning. Flashing signs that indicate your speed only seem to make you want to get a higher number. For what? One extra parking spot closer to the tram ride? Is vehicular homicide worth it?