Taking a selfie…


Please remember to look at the camera lens and not the image on your screen. It’s does make a difference. The selfies where your gaze is slightly askew is annoying. It’s even more irritating if you have a group shot and everyone is focused on themselves within the smartphone view screen. Think about it. You don’t go to Olan Mills and look off to the left or right (that’s for Glamour Shots only), you look at the lens!

Vertical video watching 

Americas funniest home videos has tried to combat the problem by offering the instructions “film side to side so the image is wide”

There are some people that are beyond help. Those people who watch a widescreen video in portrait mode on their iPad. Those people who take videos in portrait mode but don’t watch them in portrait mode on their television.

Looks like this laptop will help. I hope soon that the entertainment industry will start filming vertically so we can match our smartphones users video filming and viewing preferences.

Wifi on the school bus?

Some schools are now using your taxpayer dollars to put WiFi on the school bus. This is can have its pros and cons.

The Pros

The convenience of GPS Tracking of the bus to know where your kids are. You can get alerts via text message when the bus arrives so you don’t have to waste your time at the bus stop. Having WiFi could keep the kids quietly in their seats. Reduces the amount of face punching to other students and or bus drivers since the kids faces are in a device.

The Cons

Cyber bullying would skyrocket. Think of all the passive aggressive ways kids could be mean via social media to their fellow bus passengers. Why get up and punch someone in the face or body when you can emotionally destroy someone on Facebook?

Infinite loop social media posting…

We all have that friend who doesn’t know how to setup their social media accounts. Here’s a technical tip to allow your to infinite loop post to all of your accounts.

  1. Twitter auto post to Facebook.
  2. Instagram auto post to Twitter
  3. Instagram to auto post to Facebook
  4. Facebook to auto post to twitter

This should cause all of your social media account to continually feed each other all the horrible content you produce and cause mass unfriending. Enjoy…

Buying new TVs

Remember when you would visit your grandparents and they had the huge oak box with a TV in it? You go back to visit 20 years later and the same TV is still playing reruns of Andy Griffith. What happened to those quality built TVs?

In 20 years I’ve owned 8 TVs, and they all have failed me. You can’t get them repaired because to replace a button costs $500 and a new TV will cost you $550. So just toss it into the landfill and get some new tech.

Wearing a watch

cylon_centurionWatches are quite annoying and I was hoping they would eventually go away. I think it’s hilarious that marketing has tricked people into wearing watches again. For me, the smartphone did away with the need for a watch. I grew up wearing Ironman triathlons and the rubbery plastic band would begin to reek of rancid cheese after any sort of pre-pubescent physical activity. The watch would also pull the hairs out of your arms if had one of those metal Cylon accordion bands.

But here we are in a smartphone era and watches are still selling. Why are watches so popular now? Because they’re stuffing smartphones into watches. Brilliant!