Is vinyl the superior audio format?

I think it’s hilarious that vinyl has become popular again. For the longest time it was all the rage and the only thing that existed. Did you ever listen to a 78 speed record at 33 and a third, it was quite amusing. Cassette tapes made music portable and CDs made it even easier to abuse other’s ears with your terrible music choices via your car loudspeakers. Now that we have music on our phones, you can carry a Bluetooth speaker inside of every building and force your horrible music on everyone’s eardrums.

I’m sure the people who are buying turntables and listening to vinyl are the same people who use typewriters at Starbucks. I think the next logical step is for people to install floppy drives into their computers and trade files via disk. USB is too mainstream.


Upgrading your Home Theater

It can be addictive and expensive. First you buy a new 4K TV, then you have no 4K content. So what do you do? You go buy a 4K Movie Player with a few movies. Then you find out that your audio receiver isn’t 4K compatible with your new player and TV. Thankfully I made it work with ARC technology, but had to fish another HDMI cable through the wall and let the new TV be the hub. However ARC doesn’t allow TruHD via bitstream. Luckily, my 4K Player has two outputs so I use the HDMI out to achieve TruHD sound. I wasn’t ready to drop another 1K for more 4K equipment. Good thing it’s only a 3 to 5 year upgrade.

Driving to rent Digital movies

What’s more convenient than downloading a digital movie? Buying a code online, driving to a box, getting a disc, and then downloading a movie and then throwing away some trash. The whole reason I go to Redbox is to get a high quality physical media disc for a second rate movie. I cringe when I watch a movie on demand or Netflix because of buffering and pixelation of the dark backgrounds. I wonder how many movies are streamed at the theater? Would the average movie goer notice the difference?

Happy Facebook Wall Day

I typically try to hide the fact that it’s my birthday. I go as far as to block people from posting on my Facebook wall. I also hide my birthdate in my settings. Mostly so I can see who really remembers. I thought I had it disabled today, because I got a few messages from people who I would expect. But then the birthday well wishes started flooding in.

Facebook is really good for remembering people’s birthdays and reminding you the next day that you forgot to wish someone a happy birthday. But let’s not forget the main purpose of Facebook is to go on religious and political rants so you have no friends left to wish you a happy birthday.

Text message response time

My text messages response time is quicker than ever before because of the new iOS features. But as you can see there are still ways to distract your friend who is driving. Just type “urgent”, really? That’s all it takes to derail your friend into the ditch?

The easiest way to drive yourself into oncoming traffic is to simply turn off the feature.

Top Website Annoyances…

White listing

Now what website admins are hip to ad-blockers, everyone wants to be on the white list. You can either do that or subscribe to “premium” access. It’s gotten so bad with that I had to stop visiting. When I put them on the white list I got so many javascript popups asking for a username and password to check my machine for virus. When I took them off the white list they pop up a “premium” access offer and hold my screen hostage for 30 seconds.

Pop unders

Unlike pop-ups who used to throw up a new window. Popunders are those windows that dim the background and force you to read something before requring you to take action. Some now have timers, they are also used with whitelists and…

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Of course everyone knows about clickbait at this point in their internet life. You know, you see an article titled “Man does this simple trick and lost 50 lbs in one day” then when you click the bait, you see that he sawed off his own legs.