Backward Hats…

At what age did you turn your hat around from the improper backwards configuration to the proper direction? I think for me it was never, because I always wore my hat the correct way. There is nothing sadder than seeing a grown man with his cap on backwards. That and wearing a polo, cargo shorts and flip flops at the same time.


Slides vs Flip flops

I understand flip flops. What I don’t understand is the slides and socks configuration. The point of flip flops is they’re easy on/off and keep your feet cool. Slides are easy on/off and keep your feet cool, but socks keep your feet warm. Slides and socks may be comfortable but it my opinion it’s a sign of giving up. You made the effort of putting on socks but didn’t commit to go full shoe. It’s like when people put on house shoes and smash down the heels. It’s just plain lazy.

I do not wear slides or flip flops out in public under any circumstance. My argument is simple. They are terrible for your feet, if you think about it they are not secure on your foot at all, so your subconscious mind has to make the foot work extra to keep them on. This will put stress on your tendons and ligaments. Plus, you can’t run away from pit bulls. If there is shattered glass in your path while the pit bull is chasing you, the bloody footprints will allow the dog to track you if you manage to hide from him.

Finally, if you must expose your feet to the public, please consider something with a heel strap. Also, clean up your feet and toenails for goodness sake.

How to deal with going bald…

I’m not talking about going bald naturally. I’m talking about people who are shaving their head on purpose while they clearly have a full head of hair. I get it, it’s super convenient to shave your head so you have one less thing to prepare for the day. But you need to cherish every hair on your head before it’s too late. Coming from someone who has lost many hairs over the years there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the stubble line of someone with a full head of hair while my scalp looks like a mid-summer lawn that has been ravaged by grubs.