I had to Letgo of Letgo

I’ve made several attempts at using the Letgo app to sell some items and haven’t been able to Letgo of much. I’ve successfully sold 2 litter boxes that my cat outgrew. But other than that, I’ve agreed to meet people and waited longer that I should have only to get a message that they forgot or got held up at work. It’s easier to just donate items or throw them away. It’s sad, but true.

Do you read the 1 star reviews first?

This is where product review gold is found. You will find the most minuscule of complaints about how a product didn’t meet expectations. Complaints like, the a golf GPS not lowering your score because you are not able to hit your pitching wedge 170 yards like Dustin Johnson.

My favorite so far is reading a Yelp one star restaurant review. The restaurant wasn’t known for making wraps. In fact, they didn’t have wraps on their menu. The lady asked them to make her a wrap and she had to explain what a wrap was. So when the wrap didn’t come back as she liked she complained and gave a 1 star review of the entire place.

I understand one star reviews for products that are terrible, but bringing your subjectivity into the complaint is another thing. I tend to either leave five or one star reviews. There is no middle ground for me. All it takes is one small experience and I will never go back.

How to shop at Aldi


Don’t pull from the short stack

Since we’ve been shopping at Aldi we’ve saved a bunch of money. Here are a few thing to take note of while shopping at Aldi.

Bring a Quarter

Even out the cart corral, don’t pull from the short stack. You should always keep a quarter in your car, or bolt cutters. Sometimes Aldi will have two sets of carts, but one corral is empty. I feel bad for person who has to sacrifice their quarter to start the link chain. If someone gives you a cart, pay it forward to someone else.

The Entry

Don’t linger near the front door in amazement of all the food stuffs. Some Aldi’s place all the junk food near the front.  I wish they would move the junk to another isle because the entry is clogged with people deciding on how to ruin their innards. At least they don’t use corn syrup or synthetic colors now (some items).

Brand loyalty

This is not a place to shop if you are brand loyal. Almost all their foods are copycat and they taste just as good. Everything except the “Ranch” tortilla chips, you just can’t beat Cool Ranch Doritos, I think it’s because Frito Lay still uses red dye 40.

The Meats

The pork loin and ribeye steaks are tasty and a very good deal. They also have some very good unprocessed lunch meats for sandwiches. BTW, isn’t a pig unprocessed lunch meat? Too bad they don’t have wild pigs roaming the store.

The Produce

This is the only think I don’t like about Aldi, everything seems like it’s on verge of rotting. You have to eat it quick or it will spoil. I’ve heard they are fixing that though. We will see.


Be prepared to bag your own groceries. Bring a trash bag to put your groceries in. When you unload them at the house, put the trash bag in the receptacle. After you have used the groceries, put the trash back in the bag you bough them in. The circle is now complete.

Be helpful

Offer to take shoppers carts back for them. You can determine someone’s greed by how upset they get on losing a quarter.

Hope this helps…

No light on at the checkout line…

When I notice a cashier ringing up customers and see the register number light is off I don’t get in their line. If they have a closed placard on the conveyor belt this is a sure signal that they are closing down. However, there are people who will put their groceries on the belt anyway. They say they are closing but the people don’t budget. This is the equivalent of going into a steak restaurant and ordering a well done rib eye five minutes before closing. It’s rude to enter a place of business so late and who gets their rib eye well done? Savages that who.

Best time to buy a car?

If you have a television and you watch commercials for car dealers, they tell you right now is the best time to buy with incredible savings. However, if you wait another month you will get the best savings of the year. Then the next month it will be the absolute best time with rock bottom prices that will never happen again in all of eternity. If you keep waiting on the best sale of the year it will never happen and you will keep driving your beater until it falls apart.

The best time to buy a car is when you need one. If you are paying a monthly repair cost that equals a car payment and you are inconvenienced by the constant time of your vehicle being in the shop, then it’s time to start looking. There are plenty of websites that will help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Free shipping?

People should instead say, “I’ll pay for shipping” FedUps doesn’t come for a pickup and say, “this one’s on us”

Most of the time shipping is built into the price of the item. When something costs $1 to make and sells for $50, it’s pretty easy to offer free shipping.