Buy one get one free…

Do you think BOGOs are a good deal? Hows come when you see the same item at Walmart it's the same price as one of the buy one get ones? That's because BOGO is a scam. Paying full retail price vs what the price should be. It's not near as worse as by 3 get 2 free. If you divide it out it's about the same price as a single item at Walmart or Aldi.

Tax Free Weekends

How much do you love people and massive amounts of them confined in one area? Do you like long lines at the dressing room and checkouts? Do you enjoy fighting over parking spaces and pedestrians who forget how to walk in parking lots? If you said yes to any or all of these questions then you will love shopping on tax free weekends in your state. It’s only rivaled by Black Friday sales. However, you can pay slightly a bit more and shop from your computer at home. You have to deal with the age old question, “How much is my time worth?”.

A well aged cheese

Apparently, I’m at the age now where I don’t care how much my bag of cheese costs. My younger self would have made a fuss over this situation and maybe my older self will do the same. But for now, I do not have time to fuss over the bag of cheese cost differential. What am I talking about? Well let me tell you.

Today I went to purchase a bag of cheese from my neighborhood market. I saw several selections of the shredded variety that caused me to seek out the best deal. Do I select the bag that has the greatest value? Do I select the most recognized name brand bag of cheese? At first glance, the brand that has the most commercials per capita on the television appeared to have the greatest value. One pound of shredded cheese in a bag for $2.58. That seemed to good to be true. Because it was.

After I scanned the bag of cheese at one of those lonely self checkouts, I noticed the price was almost double. I had fallen prey to the oldest trick in the shredded cheese bag book. The misplaced item on the shelf.

At this point what do I do? Call for the cashier and ask for the price it was labeled even though it was probably restocked by another customer after they found it on the bread isle after someone else gave up their grilled cheese sandwich adventure after they discovered the potato bread was out of stock? No, I didn’t want to do that. Do I cancel my transaction and walk back over to the bagged shredded cheese isle and find the correct item that I wanted? No, too much time. What do I do? I simply pay for this bag of cheese and enjoy it when I get home.

Like a well aged cheese, time is valuable and should not be wasted. Enjoy your cheese, whichever you choose.


How to be a good pedestrian


Who needs crosswalks?

Look for cars –Don’t assume we see you, if you are coming from a blind spot (say behind a bush or multi passenger van) then you need to make sure a car is not already in the crosswalk. Don’t sprint out there in front of us.

Use the crosswalk – It’s there for your safety, it’s a clear path for you to make it safely to the other side while I’m trying to finish this blog post on WordPress mobile.

Walk in a straight line –Don’t walk diagonally from the lot to the door, again use the crosswalk it’s a great guideline.

Don’t dilly dally – I have frozen chicken in the trunk and we would prefer it was roasting on the grill and not near my spare tire.

Don’t text – your Facebook update or text message can wait until you are safely on the sidewalk.

Don’t stop – now is not the time impress your girlfriend by showing that you have he right away and shout and throw your cigarette at my car.

Remember just because the law says you have the right of way doesn’t mean that you can walk like a zombie into oncoming traffic.


Calling people Sir or Ma’am

SirĀ  Is used as a polite or respectful way of addressing a man, especially one in a position of authority

Ma’am Is a term of respectful or polite address used for a woman.

However, whenever I hear this directed towards another human at a retail, restaurant, or other place of business during a customer complaint, it always has the connotation of @$$h0le or B!tch. It’s never used with endearment but rather as derogatory. It’s overused with emphasis that you are not getting what you want no matter how reasonable you are being. To be blunt it’s a power trip for the person using it. It’s like calling your dog a stupid idiot, but using a nice voice so he still wags his tail and licks his chops with excitement.

I had to Letgo of Letgo

I’ve made several attempts at using the Letgo app to sell some items and haven’t been able to Letgo of much. I’ve successfully sold 2 litter boxes that my cat outgrew. But other than that, I’ve agreed to meet people and waited longer that I should have only to get a message that they forgot or got held up at work. It’s easier to just donate items or throw them away. It’s sad, but true.

Do you read the 1 star reviews first?

This is where product review gold is found. You will find the most minuscule of complaints about how a product didn’t meet expectations. Complaints like, the a golf GPS not lowering your score because you are not able to hit your pitching wedge 170 yards like Dustin Johnson.

My favorite so far is reading a Yelp one star restaurant review. The restaurant wasn’t known for making wraps. In fact, they didn’t have wraps on their menu. The lady asked them to make her a wrap and she had to explain what a wrap was. So when the wrap didn’t come back as she liked she complained and gave a 1 star review of the entire place.

I understand one star reviews for products that are terrible, but bringing your subjectivity into the complaint is another thing. I tend to either leave five or one star reviews. There is no middle ground for me. All it takes is one small experience and I will never go back.