If Disney Ran the United States


Mr. Walt and his running mate for 2020

Can you imagineer the possibilities if Disney ran the country? There would be pros and cons of course. I guess it really depends on if you are a fan of Disney.


Healthcare costs would skyrocket, but you could at least reserve a fast pass for the emergency room. How awesome would it be to immediately hop on a paper covered table to be examined while others have been waiting for 90 minutes for a 3 minute diagnosis. All your medicine would cost four times as much. However,  you can pay a premium if you want to guzzle your Robitussin from a souvenir cup.


It would be too expensive to enter the United States and you would have so many people complaining “I wish I could afford to go to the United States”. Maybe there would be blackout dates where you couldn’t stay in the country. The truth is, every Main street USA would be packed to capacity, but at it least it would smell good with Disney bakery exhaust.


There would be no taxes whatsoever because there would be limited choices of high quality items that are out of everyone’s price range.

Disney National Parks Service

Since the entire country would essentially be Disney Country, Walt Disney World and Disneyland would essentially just be like any other national park. All the other National Parks would get an upgrade as well. Can you imagine a giant slide into the Grand Canyon or the Haunted Mammoth Cave.

Transportation and Infrastructure

If you’ve ridden Spaceship Earth at Epcot, you would see this future vision of automation fast tracked. Peoplemovers would drop you off at work after you’ve been dressed by a robot. We would have the safety on par with Tomorrowland Speedway because all our cars would be on rails so we couldn’t knock each other into the ditch. However all of America’s roadways would be exaclty like Orlando traffic to encourage you to take those Peoplemovers.


Stop kneeling during football games


If you look up what kneeling really means then you should probably stop doing it. When you kneel you show submission. You kneel to pray. You kneel when you ask your wife to marry you. You also kneel before Zod before you throw him into an icy crevasse.

I coach baseball and softball and when the a player gets hurt, all the other players take a knee. Why do we do this? It’s to show respect and care for the other players well being. Maybe a better choice for disrespecting the national anthem is to stay in the locker room until it’s over instead of making a spectacle of yourself. Just because you have the “right” to do something, doesn’t mean you should.



Is gun control the answer to gun violence?

Drugs used to be illegal, but people still did drugs. Abortions used to be illegal, but people still killed their children. Guns don’t commit crimes, people do. Can you control people? No, you can’t. Can you control guns, drugs, and abortion devices? Yes, you can make them difficult to get for the average person, but people will still have people doing what they want. You will not be able to fix this world with man made laws. You can do your best to contain people with legal boundaries, but the depraved nature of man will go beyond that.

How do you fix Healthcare?

If you don’t watch the video, here is a summary of how to fix #healthcare and the #aca. Free Markets! Drives down cost and increases quality when competition exists, just like any other business. Good example is laser eyeball surgery. Since there are more skilled eyeball laser doctors, the price has gone down. Sure, you can still visit your buddy with the cheapest price and the not so sharp laser in his garage, but there are better options. It’s a long road to get where we need to be, but we have to start somewhere.

Does Climate Change Cause Hurricanes?


Asking for a friend…

We’ve known about climate change, (formally known as Global Warming) for decades. For as long as I can remember I haven’t purposely burnt large piles of Styrofoam containers in my yard as to do my part in combating climate change. So with all the forced regulations in car companies making our cars lighter and more fuel efficient (and less safe) why are we still having a climate change problem? We’ve thrown tons of money at the problem, created huge solar farms covering up plenty of oxygen producing grass. We’ve build huge eye sore wind farms and kill birds. We’ve cut back on fossil fuels. Shouldn’t it be getting better and not worse?

What are we supposed to do? I’ve offered a few suggestions in a previous post


A Nashville Statement!

Shut the Cluck Up!

They should have made the Nashville Statement more about gluttony than human sexuality because there is plenty of sinful food in Nashville. I had several people recommend Hattie B’s so I had to try it. I’ve been a chili head since I was a teenager, so I had to go for the top rung of “Shut the Cluck up” Hot Chicken. I’ll admit it was very hot. My body had an instant reaction, I started to hiccup and my eyeballs turned red and began to leak capsicum. In hindsight I wish I would have taken a photo of the chicken  because it was jet black like the bag it came in. The piece of bread underneath was disintegrated into a pool of grease and fire juice. There were a few pickle chips as well, but at that point I couldn’t feel my face so my taste buds were dysfunctional.

The real “wake-up call” came the next day at 6am. I’m so glad I had the foreknowledge to pack some Cottonelle wipes, it literally saved my behind from the exit wounds. Doesn’t matter how much of a heat tolerance your upper orifice can handle, the lower one is never able to compensate.

Making fun of President Trump

I’ve been voting for several elections now and I don’t recall so much hostility towards any president as much as our current one. I’ve never seen so many commercialized insults towards President Trump and now it seems that candy companies are throwing their hat in the ring. Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t give you the freedom to be disrespectful towards your fellow humans. Well I guess it does.

But let’s remember that even if someone is “your enemy”then treating them with kindness is like dumping burning coals on them. Got that from some book, not sure which one. I think it’s the same one as the golden rule or something.