Cleaning your house…

Don’t you love it when you go over to someones house and it’s spotless? Well, it’s because you planned the visit. Go over in about a week but unannounced. If it’s still spotless don’t stay friends with that person. They will just make you feel bad.

However, if you invite someone over, please clean you house. Once they get there say things like. “Sorry this place is such a mess” Then you can make them feel bad and they will think you have such higher cleaning standards. Then they will not be your friend anymore.

Spring Forward or Fall Back?

At this point does it really matter if we move the clocks forward or back? Let’s just spring forward 30 minutes and call it done.

However if we are going to keep this up, let’s move fall back to Christmas day. That way we get one more day of something we actually enjoy. Plus it gives us an extra hour of sleep and the kids won’t wake us up so early.


Yeti Tumblers

Yeti tumblers are great, they keep your drink cold for beyond a reasonable amount of time. They also keep your coffee hot and undrinkable for far too long. But they sure do look cool! I’m sure in about 10 years there will be a study that shows how we are all dying from stainless steel poisoning caused by a manufacturing defect from china.