Toilet paper installation…

When you go to someone's house and use the bathroom, which ever way the toilet paper is installed, switch it to the other direction.


Roadside Watermelons


Here’s how to get a deal on those roadside watermelons. You can get 1 for $6 dollars or 2 for $10. Buy two of them and then ask to return one of them. Since 1 watermelon is worth $6 dollars you end up paying only $4 for the 1 watermelon. It’s a great deal. If they don’t accept returns, just smash both of your watermelons all over the pavement so that the onlookers can see. It’s only $10, and how fun is it to smash a watermelon? Just ask Gallagher.

Cleaning your house…

Don’t you love it when you go over to someones house and it’s spotless? Well, it’s because you planned the visit. Go over in about a week but unannounced. If it’s still spotless don’t stay friends with that person. They will just make you feel bad.

However, if you invite someone over, please clean you house. Once they get there say things like. “Sorry this place is such a mess” Then you can make them feel bad and they will think you have such higher cleaning standards. Then they will not be your friend anymore.