Toilet seat up or down?

Ever since the toilet was invented and the opposite sexes shared it, the argument of whether the seat should go up or down has raged.

The discourse is easily settled. Both the seat and lid should go down. That lid is there for a reason. The reason? A plume of human excrement mist erupts when you flush. You don't want to breathe that in. If you do you might want to chase it with a few squirts of febreze.


Most Annoying Sounds…


Crunching Ice

I used to have shared cubicle space with an ice cruncher. She even brought ice in from home to work, all day long, every day.

Shuffling Cards

I don’t even like the computer game solitaire because of the sound of shuffling cards. Shuffling cards once is ok, but when you get all OCD and start shuffling them over and over, that’s enough.

Popping Gum

Some people never learned how to chew gum and I’m assuming they are just as bad at eating food, or they crunch ice. Blowing a bubble then inverting it into your mouth as you pop is several times

Chewing Food

This goes along with ice crunching, but there are some people who sound like they are eating rocks no matter what the food type is. The sound rattles around their skull until it sounds like they are breaking off their teeth at the gum line. Sometimes, you can hear people eating beans and the sound of the bean paste sticking to their teeth.

Mechanical Keyboards

They have a great feel and feedback, but they sounds like marbles being spilled on a tile floor. It doesn’t matter if they are a great typist or a hunt and pecker, both are equally annoying.

Cotton Mouth

Hearing someone speak who has a dry mouth is probably one of the worst sounds anyone can make. It’s even more tortuous is the person is speaking in front of a large crowd and is using a microphone.

Selling vs Donating

Have extra stuff laying around your house? Why don’t you try to make a few bucks online by selling it? How about donating it for a tax write off? How about neither, just throw it in the garbage. Sometimes that’s the best choice.


People want stuff for free. You post an item and they offer you half of your asking price. If you offer a free item then they will want you to deliver it. Better yet, they will want you to pay them to take it off your hands. Selling on eBay or Amazon has become a hassle. By the time you pay all the seller fees, merchant fees, and postage, you are left with about half of what the item is worth.


This is a better option. Let other people look through your bags of unwanted items and they can throw it way. The tax write off is barely worth it. For kids clothes, give it to friends or family, they will be responsible for throwing it in the trash now.

Trash it

Unless you want Goodwill throwing your stuff way you can save them the trouble. Leave it visible on trash day and people will pick it from the rubbish like mining for treasure.

Best techniques in furniture restoration


Sofa table I made, because my wife found one like it for $300

One mans trash is another mans trash to deal with now. My favorite way to restore furniture is to return it back to it’s original state. That is, dust. Throw the old piece of furniture into the garbage where it belongs. Go buy you some fresh new quality furniture. Keep those furniture makers employed, or better yet, make your own!

Why must we Fidget Spinner?

I’ve done my best to keep Fidget Spinners out of my house, but I caved under the pressure and ordered some for my children. If the spinners make one squeak of a noise they are going straight into the garbage.
A lawnmower blade makes a great fidget spinner, so next time your kids get antsy, have them go outside and cut the grass.

Hotel shower heads

I used to love the shower heads at Holiday Inn express, but since their beds are so uncomfortable I had to switch to Hilton hotels. I believe that Hilton uses Waterpik or Speakman, both are nice, but can’t compete with Kohler. I just wish I could find a nice metal Kohler shower head. I bought one, but it was plastic and mount broke after a year. The replacement part was almost as much as a shower head. So I just buy new shower heads every few years now.  I know you can clean them with a zip lock bag and whatever miracle liquid cleaner is on the market, but I know that there is still crud behind the nozzles deeper than the cleaner fluids can reach.

Best litter for your feline overlord 

I’m not impressed by many products but this new slide litter by Arm & Hammer is pretty great. Nothing worse than scraping off dried diarrhea from a stressed out kitty off the bottom of the litter box. While not the best smelling cat litter on the market, it smells better and covers the odor of cat urine and feces. Combine this with a litter genie and unless someone sees your cat, they surely won’t smell it. This litter almost has a play dough like consistency once it reacts tot he cat pee, it kind of reminds me of litter critters.