The biggest mistake that actors make

No, it’s not the roles they take or their political or religious opinions. It may surprise you that it’s a very simple mistake that could easily be fixed. I’m no actor, so my advice may not be well regarded so here goes.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how actors drink coffee on screen.

When someone hands you a fresh cup and we can tell it’s empty, don’t immediately tilt it 90 degrees. Coffee is typically hot and unless your throat is made of cast iron, take a small sip from the rim of the cup. You also need to make an attempt to swallow. No one takes a sip of coffee and holds it in their mouth until it absorbs.

No one waves their cup of coffee around without it spilling everywhere. Keep your hand motions to a minimum like there is boiling lava in your drinking vessel. Maybe put water in the cup? There needs to be weight in your hand.

Keep the cup silent, we can hear the knock of an empty cup in our living rooms from our loudspeakers. This is also where a ceramic mug would come in handy. It’s a simple mistake and can easily be fixed.




What is the best flavor of Gatorade?

Someone once told me, “If it’s good enough for MJ, then it’s good enough for me.” I’m not a huge fan of Citrus Cooler, but it’s drinkable. I’m old school, it’s lemon-lime or nothing. The new bolder smoother finish Gatorade taste like cough syrup. I guess if you like pretending you have bronchitis then it’s a good drink.

I’ve been drinking about a gallon of water a day since I changed my eating habits. Whenever I spend a lot of time outside at the ball field, I reach for a Gatorade. I never realized until now but it’s like drinking salt water. Might as well start drinking soy sauce, probably will hydrate quicker right?

Hot brown regrets

I regret not eating it. I saw it too late after I ordered. I talked to the manager at the Hapeville Dwarf House and he said they served 125 to Georgia Tech students the night before. They have a tradition for first year band members where they have to eat it without utensils. One girl finished it in 50 seconds. She’s my new hero.

I will attempt to make this at home. Chicken, cream of chicken, bacon, cheese, and paprika. Should be a cinch.

Best gas production

There have been a few goto items that I reach for if I need to produce a ton of gas. Why do I need to produce so much gas? Because it's funny and my friends enjoy the noise. Boiled eggs paired with a brimming bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch will generate stomach churning flatus power for hours. Depending on the size of the bowl and how many eggs you ate, you will actually get tired of farting. You might even gag when you wake yourself up from the loudness of your new tooting alarm.

Best hybrid restaurant



When you travel it’s nice to stop off somewhere for a quick bite to eat. However fast food has become more and more disgusting as I grow older. These are two that I have a soft spot for. The sad thing is more and more Long John Silver’s are disappearing. While I’m not a fan of hybrid restaurants I think they could do better to draw in more foodies. For instance, take the batter from Long John Silver’s and infuse it with KFC’s 11 herbs and spices. Take a couple of fish planks cover it in mash potatoes and gravy for a nice Irish fisherman’s pie. The possibilities are endless!

How to order coffee at Starbucks

Does anyone drink coffee anymore? Whenever I sit at a Starbucks or similar coffee house and hear someone order a beverage it sounds way too complicated. It’s mostly milk/cream, sugar with very little coffee added. It’s more like a coffee flavored beverage. I get coffee, it’s easy, and all it needs added is a cup. But seriously, the only way to order coffee at Starbucks is to buy the beans and grind them at home to use them in your French Press. That is if you like over roasted beans.


Starbucks is just like Maxwell House


My Old Setup in 2002

I say that because it’s common place. Today, people flock to Starbucks because it’s what they know, they don’t know any better. When I was growing up I could not stand the taste of coffee. My parents and grandparents would pour these foul smelling cups of what looked like oil run off from the Sears Auto Center.  It’s what they knew because it was the cornerstone of the market. People get used to what they know and it’s hard to change.

When I do buy a Starbucks coffee I get the jitters because there is so much caffeine in each cup. It’s like they spray the beans with extra caffeine before they grind them. Get to know a local roaster, it’s the best way to get your coffee, it will cost less and taste much better.