Is Sirius XM worth the money?

After about a month, Sirius XM gets old and repeaty. I took a trip to the grocery store and heard the long version of the Humpty Dance on Backspin. Once I got tired of the endless loop, I flipped over to 90’s on 9 where the Humpty Dance was just beginning. Also, you can only hear Downtown Julie Brown so many times before you want to jump out of the door on the interstate pavement.

You will get your three month preview whenever you get a new car, but that’s as far as you should go. I made the mistake of getting the 6 month extension for $29 ($36 after fees), so I’m stuck hearing Humpty Hump for a few more months. BTW, Sirius XM doesn’t work well if there are trees around or you pull into a gas station. The signal will go out because you need a line of sight to the satellite.  Once my 6 months is up I’ll be making the switch to Amazon Music Unlimited for $8 a month. That way I can put Humpty on repeat as much as I want.


Blocking pop-ups from magazines…

IMG_2873It sounds like a contradictory non-sensible statement but I’m talking about the little card that flies out of a magazine when you thumb through the pages. These are the equivalent of popup ads on websites. Now that add blockers are basically useless you have to go back to print media to get your news, but now you have to deal with Geico shoving a card within each page.

Whenever I get a new magazine, which is rare these days. I will take it directly to the garbage can with the widest opening. I shake the magazine until all the cards fall out and then enjoy the magazine as it was intended. Few articles and embedded ads.

Bringing back old movies to theaters


Windows XP on the Big Screen!

I’ve noticed an uptick in the trend to bring back older movies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to local theaters. I think it’s a great idea, but unnecessary in our day and age.

I can see the appeal. You can watch an old movie on a large screen with high quality audio. It’s easy to do now because there are no unwieldy film reels to deal with. All the movies are delivered over the internet or on hard disk drives that basically load into a fancy digital projector. Kinda irks me when they splash the Sony 4K logo before a movie. Really? You are proud that your resolution is lower than celluloid?

The real reason movies are coming back out is because Hollywood is out of ideas. They’ve rebooted every movie franchise they can think of. They’ve created movies based on video and board games. The only untapped market is the cereal industry. I’d pay to see a movie where Captain Crunch fights Count Chocula, Franken and Boo Berry like Van Helsing.


Don’t visit Disney World During a Hurricane


Walt Disney telling you to leave!

When a hurricane is there

The park will be closed and you won’t be able to get through the gates, well you probably could, but you would go to jail.

When it’s hot

You will sweat profusely and you will get dehydrated if you don’t buy the $4 bottles of water. Don’t drink the soda and beer or you will dehydrate faster. And be broker faster

When there are numerous amount of people there

Holiday’s and weekends are the worst, and holiday weekends are a no-brainier to stay away.

When you just bought new shoes

That is, unless you like blisters on your feet. Never take a brand new pair of shoes into the park. Don’t buy a brand new pair of waterproof timberland boots for your July trip. You will be filled with suffering.

When a new ride is open

Well, it might be a good time to visit other areas of the parks

When a new area is open

I can’t imagine what masses of humanity will be drawn to the parks once Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxies Edge are open.

Remember, there is no slow season no matter what anyone tells you. If you are going to go, just do it and enjoy your time. If someone says they got on all the rides with no waiting they are lying, and you shouldn’t be friends with liars.

Is RPX Really Worth the Price?

Regal Premium Experience has been out for a few years, and in my opinion, is worth the extra price if you must see a movie at the theater. You get a comfortable seat, a huge screen, and super loud audio with many speakers. I used to go for the 3D version but have since switched to 2D only because the picture is much sharper. They could make it even more premiumer if they had some way to keep the movie commentators quiet. Maybe some sort of EMP to disable all cell phones so that we are not blinded by blue screen light as we are engrossed in a Xenomorph chomping it’s way out of a human body cavity.

Of course at my house, I have a pretty large screen, super loud surround speakers, and all the popcorn I want to eat. Click here for my recipe for movie style popcorn at home. Of course I can pause the movie anytime I want so no one interrupts the Xenomorph cavity carnage.

Binge watching is the new standard

I have all but quit watching TV shows when they air. I believe I stopped watching live TV shows when Friends went off the air, before DVRs were a thing. I don’t like commercials and with Netflix, Hulu and other knockoffs, you can watch an entire season rather quickly. Once the streaming services became available it made it too easy to watch what I wanted on my schedule. There are some shows that I like to keep up to date on so I will wait about a month until they get at least 4 shows in the books before I begin watching. Then there’s that awful period of waiting for them to get another 4 episodes in the queue.

I’ve never been nor ever will be a fan of Game of Thrones. I’ve heard enough people talk about it to know that I won’t like it. However, if I ever do watch it, I will wait until the series finale, then watch all the seasons in about a month.

I’ve caught the first 5 seasons of Last Man Standing and now have to wait for season 6 to come out to Hulu, since Netflix decided to drop the show. Which means, I have to subscribe to yet another service to see what I want. If it wasn’t for the Marvel shows on Netflix, I would drop them. I find that I search Netflix more than I watch. And now with Disney pulling all their content it will make the decision easier. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve binge watched over the years ranked from Happy to Depraved.

  • Last Man Standing (Netflix)
  • Parks and Recreation (Netflix)
  • Justified (Amazon Prime)
  • The Sopranos (Amazon Prime)
  • Dexter (Netflix)

The last two I really didn’t like the last few seasons, I just wanted to complete them so I could be disappointed with the endings.

Showing the kids your favorite movies…

So this morning I decided to show my kids the opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Later this evening we watched The Boss Baby and there was a reference to that scene. Maybe that will help them forget about Alfred Molina with a face full of spikes.

I guess I forgot how violent some of the movies I grew up with were. I’ll need to pre-screen some of my favorites before I make that attempt again. The rating system of my youth is not the same of today that’s for sure.