Text message response time

My text messages response time is quicker than ever before because of the new iOS features. But as you can see there are still ways to distract your friend who is driving. Just type “urgent”, really? That’s all it takes to derail your friend into the ditch?

The easiest way to drive yourself into oncoming traffic is to simply turn off the feature.


Do you test your home school kids?

The question will always come up when someone finds out your home school. “What about testing?

What about it? Why test? Who are we comparing to? What standard of measure do you use? You want me to test my children to see how they compare to public school kids? If that’s the case I would sent them to public school. The simple answer is, “We teach through mastery” We don’t teach to take a test.

Fall is the worst season of the year


  1. Seasonal Effective Disorder is real
  2. All clients at work want everything done so they relax at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  3. Home school activities ramp up so we can enjoy the Holidays
  4. Crazy busy with sports
  5. Cold air now makes my bones and back hurt
  6. Mold is in the air and makes me sick
  7. Dead leaves are depressing, messy and moldy
  8. Pumpkin spice is disgusting and should be on a controlled substance list
  9. Making sure you start Christmas shopping early enough so you can actually enjoy the Holiday season.
  10. My “wheels fall off” my vehicles requiring repairs when I’m already spending money on buying gifts.

Resist or Coexist?

I’m assuming this person is pro-choice because of the two options of resisting or coexisting. It’s a tough decision for sure.

If you really think about it logically, you can’t resist the urge to coexist. It’s a nice thought, but all religions don’t essentially teach the same thing. They all contradict each other.

You can’t resist to the point where you don’t pay your taxes. You can’t really resist arrest. Unless you like jail.

Craving taters?

Freezer full of fries

Ever since I started the slow carb diet, potatoes are a staple of cheat day. In fact I try to have them at every meal. Crispy rounds for breakfast, waffles fries for lunch and tater tots for dinner.

I bought a small deep fryer just for potatoes. I use only peanut oil to fry them. First I fry them for about a minute at 325 degrees. I then crank up the temperature to 375 and finish them off by noticing the color of the tater. Double frying them as described produces the coveted, “crispy on the outside, tender in the inside” cliche.

I’m probably eating so many taters because my potassium gets so low because this diet sucks it out of your body. There’s probably a more healthful way to eat taters, but I only got one day to eat them, and one life to live.

Disney allowing pets to be their guest.

So now, #Disney is going to allow pets to stay at some of their resorts? We stayed at the Art of Animation before, it’s nice but small. Can’t imagine staying in one of those rooms after someone gave their Great Dane a shower or tried to flush it’s poop down the toilet. I think if they are going to allow pets to stay at the resort they should probably need to be charged a room rate. Before you know it you are going to see dogs in strollers pushed by pet parents.

Blocking the intersection…

It could be illegal in your state but that’s beside the point, it’s just plain selfish and stupid. Those white lines at the light are there for your safety and almost everyone ignores them. I know everyone is in a hurry, but sticking your vehicle out in the middle of the road just to gain an extra few seconds isn’t worth destroying your automobile or life. There people are notorious for inserting themselves into the intersection on a yellow light so they clear the intersection on a technicality.