Worship singers who can’t finish a song.

I may be a bit insensitive here. Ok, maybe very insensitive, but I can’t be the only person who’s annoyed that a worship soloist can’t make it through a song without crying. I understand that the song may have some significance in your spiritual journey, but maybe take a cursory glance at the lyrics to see if you can make to through the first chorus without your voice quivering, then select something else.

Maybe it’s a tactic in case they forgot the lyrics. However at several different churches, I’ve seen the same singer break down every single solo they’ve ever sung. It’s like if I’m trying to build furniture but I keep losing fingers on the table saw. Eventually, I have to come to grips (or no grip depending on how many fingers) that I’m not cut out for word working. We have to know our limits.

Watching someone cry on stage while we have to tolerate the synthesized instrumental rendition of a popular song kinda puts me out of the mood to praise. Maybe, I’m old-school, but I like corporate worship where we all sing at once, then you can cry all you want and be drowned out by the people hitting all the wrong notes. Yeah, I need to work on doxology, I’ve always struggled with that part.


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