Have you ever tried travel ball?

Travel ball is where you take your kids to spend an entire Saturday (and Sunday if you are good) at a ball field in the brutal summer heat. These children get yelled at by coaches and parents who are living vicariously as a result of their failed sports careers.

Coaches almost losing their $#!T because some 9 year old girl didn’t throw the ball exactly when he told her to. Fingers wagged inches from a little girls face because they swung at a ball too high in the strike zone. Opposing team coaches yelling passive aggressive statements about how your child is an easy out or can’t find the plate. This can’t be good for the child’s psyche, it’s no wonder that kids quit playing sports and start doing drugs. More pressure than an Instapot full of beans.

How about coach at practice and then let the kids play at the tournament. Stop treating your players like a video game. Just an FYI, this doesn’t happen on our team, but I see it on many others.


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