Treating your kids like pets.

As a follow up to a previous post, there is another phenomenon going on in our society where kids are treated like animals. It hasn’t reached it’s apex quite yet. This says way more about the parents than it does the kids. These parents do not know how to handle their own children and can’t set boundaries, so they create artificial ones.

You can make it look like a monkey on their back, but nothing is more demeaning than putting a child on a leash. What’s next, feeding your child from a bowl on the floor? Maybe take their diaper off and let them crap in the yard? Why not a shock collar and invisible fence so they don’t leave the yard? How about putting them in a cage so they won’t destroy your house while your gone. Wow, I guess I forgot what I was talking about. Maybe take off the leash and let your kid make some mistakes. That’s how they learn.


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