Do you stand or walk?

If it doesn’t surprise you, I’m a walker. Not in the zombie sense, but as someone who likes to use technology as it’s intended. The best part is it makes you feel superhuman to walk at a normal pace while you speed past other travelers. However, I do occasionally notice a person who actually walks faster than me as I’m walking on the human conveyor belt.

Of course there are those people who can’t seem to read these floor markings. They treat it like an amusement ride or as a chance to get a break from traveling faster than an automobile. The best part is the awkward step when you leave the treadmill. The robot voice will even warn you that the floor will stop moving. Sometimes I like to stand there at the end just to see if people will walk around me or pile up like lemmings.


One thought on “Do you stand or walk?

  1. The maintenance crews are busy on escalators that wear out as so many stand to the right to allow those in a hurry to run up alongside them on the left. This wears out the belts running underneath.


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