Is it OK to Smoke the Marijuana?

Well, nowadays, it depends on which state you live in? Marijuana is given to us by God right? I guess you can also ask the question, is it Ok to eat a salad with poison ivy? Poison ivy may taste amazing and send you into a euphoric state as your face becomes swollen and blistered beyond recognition, but the short term high negates the long term damage. The point being, someone figured out that if you smoked marijuana then you get high, but I’m not willing to take the risk eating those shiny leaves that I’m trying to retrieve my golf ball from.

The real question to ask is “why you are smoking pot”. If you have “chronic” pain and this provides relief then I think it would be beneficial to remove all the mind altering effects of the drug and treat it like Advil or Aleve (which has been done). However, I’m guessing that people really don’t want to remove the mind altering part. If you are smoking pot to escape your problems like people do with other drugs, then it’s time to reevaluate things.

I have occasionally smoked a cigar when I’m with friends playing golf. I smoked quite a few cigars in college during my “hipster” phase, but started to get really ill when I smoked them. Since then, I personally have never had the desire to smoke cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe (crack or tobacco).

If you want to smoke pot, then that’s fine, but if someone has a drug addiction past and doesn’t want to do it anymore, then don’t do it in front of them which could cause a backslide. Same with any other substance that people might abuse, including food. That’s just my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Is it OK to Smoke the Marijuana?

  1. The fools are smoking it today in Golden Gate Park by the thousands. We won’t open our windows this Spring day for fear of a shift in the wind.


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