Watching the joy drain…

I didn’t like either candidate for the office of President. I supported two other candidates before they dropped out of the race and I picked the next in line that shared my values. By the end, there were almost no shared values other than being a carbon based life form. I was forced to make a choice of someone who was less horrible than the other. Either way, I was going to be disappointed.

Probably the most enjoyable part of this election was watching the joy slowly drain from the main stream media collective borg hive as Donald Trump continued to gain electoral votes. Watching the MSM scramble with the maths of how Hillary could win was fun to watch.

I did feel bad watching all those Democrats cry and it was the same way that I felt back in 2008. I was disappointed because America didn’t elect a person based on the content of their character, but because of the color of their skin. At least it paved the way so we could elect our first orange skinned president.

CGI vs Practical Effects

While I love practical effects I also love CGI. Jurassic Park 2 announced they will use more practical effects in the next installment of the dinosaur movie. How about not? Keep making CGI better or just grow some real dinosaurs and train them.

You can tell if it’s bad CGI, and you can tell even more if it’s bad animatronics. Why don’t we just bring back stop motion!

God’s name in vain…

I heard a guy yelling at the pharmacy workers at Wal-mart and in the same breath he asked God to damn something and then asked for help from Jesus. Not sure if he knows if this is the same person (Christian Worldview of the Trinity), but that is a pretty bi-polar statement. I’m guessing he was just using slang because I doubt he held any deep theological beliefs.