The biggest mistake that actors make

No, it’s not the roles they take or their political or religious opinions. It may surprise you that it’s a very simple mistake that could easily be fixed. I’m no actor, so my advice may not be well regarded so here goes.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how actors drink coffee on screen.

When someone hands you a fresh cup and we can tell it’s empty, don’t immediately tilt it 90 degrees. Coffee is typically hot and unless your throat is made of cast iron, take a small sip from the rim of the cup. You also need to make an attempt to swallow. No one takes a sip of coffee and holds it in their mouth until it absorbs.

No one waves their cup of coffee around without it spilling everywhere. Keep your hand motions to a minimum like there is boiling lava in your drinking vessel. Maybe put water in the cup? There needs to be weight in your hand.

Keep the cup silent, we can hear the knock of an empty cup in our living rooms from our loudspeakers. This is also where a ceramic mug would come in handy. It’s a simple mistake and can easily be fixed.




What is the best flavor of Gatorade?

Someone once told me, “If it’s good enough for MJ, then it’s good enough for me.” I’m not a huge fan of Citrus Cooler, but it’s drinkable. I’m old school, it’s lemon-lime or nothing. The new bolder smoother finish Gatorade taste like cough syrup. I guess if you like pretending you have bronchitis then it’s a good drink.

I’ve been drinking about a gallon of water a day since I changed my eating habits. Whenever I spend a lot of time outside at the ball field, I reach for a Gatorade. I never realized until now but it’s like drinking salt water. Might as well start drinking soy sauce, probably will hydrate quicker right?

Amazon Echo Interrupting your TV shows


Amazon echo has many uses. It can order toilet paper by a simple voice command. It can also interrupt your television show by picking up anything that sounds like it’s wake command. So in the middle of a interesting segment of any of your favorite show you hear, “Hmm, I didn’t quite get that.” Really nice Alexa. It’s also nice that you pick up any conversation that Dexter Morgan says. I’m sure the police will show up any day and ask about Bay Harbor.

Mall Kiosk Hostages

I really used to love going to malls. One of my favorite memories as a kid was scraping up enough money during the week to purchase a new hip hop cassette tape and a paper cup of thick cut fries from the Steak Escape. We took our children to the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville on vacation so they could see it’s grandness. I turned my back for one minute and it happened. My daughter was held hostage by a shiny object at a kiosk.

The young lady was selling “splat toys”. You fling it at the wall and it flattens out in a hilarious fashion. My daughter was intrigued proceeded to practice her softball pitching motion and hit the bulls eye. She thought the price wasn’t a good deal, walked away, but then accepted the ladies counter offer. She spent her hard earned allowance money and this is where the story becomes a life lesson.

When she got a chance to use the new toy it burst open after about a dozen tosses. She was quite upset that her money was now gone and she had no way to return it. No, I didn’t rush out and buy her a new one. I didn’t offer to reimburse her for the allowance. I did teach her what the phase “Caveat Emptor” means.

Taking your kids to a ballgame

Taking your children to a baseball game can be a memorable experience. Here’s how to make the most of it

Bring a tablet/smartphone

This way they can watch videos or play a video game and not the actual ballgame

Buy them all food they ask for

Hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, funnel cakes, dippin’ dots, etc. This keeps them busy instead of watching the game.

Bring signage

Things like “First game”, “It’s my birthday” and wave them in front of players or coaches so you can collect as many signed baseballs as possible.

Pose them for shots

Take pictures with all the gear you’ve collected for them. Post them immediately on Instagram or Facebook with the false narrative that they are big fans of the game when they haven’t actually one inning.

Actually watch the game

Here’s an idea, watch the game. Eat a stadium classic food and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the ballpark. No distractions just baseball.

Hot brown regrets

I regret not eating it. I saw it too late after I ordered. I talked to the manager at the Hapeville Dwarf House and he said they served 125 to Georgia Tech students the night before. They have a tradition for first year band members where they have to eat it without utensils. One girl finished it in 50 seconds. She’s my new hero.

I will attempt to make this at home. Chicken, cream of chicken, bacon, cheese, and paprika. Should be a cinch.

Dogs can’t replace children

This couple is taking it pretty well that their offspring aren’t providing any grandchildren.

As much as our society is trying, dogs will never replace children in value. It makes me sad to even write that, but I feel that our society wants this to happen. Even the movie “The Boss Baby” addresses the issue.