CGI vs Practical Effects

While I love practical effects I also love CGI. Jurassic Park 2 announced they will use more practical effects in the next installment of the dinosaur movie. How about not? Keep making CGI better or just grow some real dinosaurs and train them.

You can tell if it’s bad CGI, and you can tell even more if it’s bad animatronics. Why don’t we just bring back stop motion!

God’s name in vain…

I heard a guy yelling at the pharmacy workers at Wal-mart and in the same breath he asked God to damn something and then asked for help from Jesus. Not sure if he knows if this is the same person (Christian Worldview of the Trinity), but that is a pretty bi-polar statement. I’m guessing he was just using slang because I doubt he held any deep theological beliefs.

Traffic Directors…

There is always one person at the four way stop that thinks they are a traffic director. They get there before you and wave you on like it’s their job. Don’t be this person, just follow the rules. A fun twist would be to wave someone on, then go. You might get hit, but the law will be on your side because you go there first and they didn’t go in the nanosecond that you waved them on.